Rapallo (Rapallo in Liguria) is an Italian town of 30,493 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Genoa in Liguria. Its urban area of ​​reference extends conventionally throughout the gulf, including the adjacent municipalities of Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino, to the west, east and Zoagli for a segment of the population of about 43,000 inhabitants, a tenth of the region.

It is the sixth town in Liguria for the number of inhabitants, preceded by Genoa, La Spezia, Savona, Sanremo and Imperia.

Traditionally, there are two different ways to indicate the inhabitants of the city: the Rapallini (rapallin in Genoese dialect), who are natives of Rapallo Rapallo and those who simply reside in the Ligurian city; the dialect ruentini, known more in the area of ​​Tigullio and Genoa, is connected, however, almost exclusively to the historic football club Rapallo Ruentes.

The location is renowned for being the headquarters of two major peace treaties after the First World War, one of the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1920 and the other between the Weimar Republic and the Soviet Union in 1922.